•«««қчм NyLz»»»•™ is a Greater Toronto Area business specializing in hair, scalp and body products. Born out of a love of crafting and mixing oils for personal use and to meet the need of a growing list of people wanting to know the skin products she used. Kim decided to make a few batches to give away to friends. Armed with their positive reactions and a growing entrepreneurial spirit, Kim launched natural cosmetic line.

Born and raise in the Caribbean, Kim ensures that the wholesome ingredients she grew up using are in every product she sells. Understanding the diversity of the client base in the hair and cosmetic markets was another important factor creating •«««қчм NyLz»»»•™ products that are organic.

For more information or to have •«««қчм NyLz»»»•™ products in your local Beauty Supply store, call 416-551-6969 or email info@kymnylz.com.